Photography Workshop
2 days studio lighting, workflow and retouching workshop
07/07 - 08/07/2018
- 2 days workshop £499 - one to one session
- Group of 2 photographers £399 per person
- Group of 3-6 photographers £350 per person
Day 1
- Studio strobes
- Light modifiers
- Soft and hard light
- Effective one-light setups
- Effective multiple-lights setups
- Main light, fill lights and accent lights
- Light angle from subject and consequences
- Light distance from subject and consequences
- Constructive use of shadow to enhance the image
- Affecting background colour with light
- Mixing flash and ambient light
- Lighting for fashion
- Lighting for beauty
- Lighting for portraits
 Day 2
- Workflow and retouching​​​​​​​
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Up to 4 hours workshop 
One to one session £149
Come with a friend and save £49 per person
Experiment with and investigate the functions of your digital camera.
Understanding of  F-stops, shutter speeds, ISO settings, digital image types, depth of field.
Natural Light Photography
How to control light
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Terms & Conditions
- Photos taken at the workshops are granted permission for personal/portfolio usage. Images taken at the workshops cannot be used for editorial or commercial purposes without written consent.
- All photos taken at the workshops will have to credit 'Kamal Mostofi Workshops'.
- Video and audio recordings are not allowed during the workshops.
​- By booking your seat, you confirm that you have read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.
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